Refund with a Check

This document will walk you through how to create a refund with check and generate a print file (assign check number) to print the physical check.                                                                                   

  1. Go to Transaction/Refund
  2. Select "Create" in the Refund Grid 

  3. Enter the required information. If you need to issue a physical check for the refund, be sure to check the "create check" box.

    1. Click Save 

      When you click on save the disbursement is posted and assigned a reference number.

  4. Go to Transaction/Disbursements to generate the the print file and assign a physical check number.
    1. You can manually select the disbursement or filter the grid and checkmark the top box to select everything within the filtered grid.

      The Type will reflect "refund" in your disbursement grid for easy filtering/searching later. 

    2. Click on 'Generate Print file'
      1. A pop up box will appear for you to enter the following information
        1. Check number
        2. Sorting Options
        3. Print Electronic Checks: checkmark this if you WANT to assign physical check numbers to your electronic checks.

        4. Print Output Type: XML is used for third party printing software 

          It is no longer required to assign physical check numbers to electronic checks.

      2. Click Generate