Employee Termination Checklist

  1. Employee Record

               ____ Enter a Termination Date (Last day employee worked.)

               ____ After employee has been reported with a Separation Date and Separation Reason (Position) through one EMIS reporting period, Uncheck the Employee Reporting Flag.

  1. Position Record

               ____ Enter a Stop Date (Last day employee worked.)

               ____ Enter a Termination Date (Last day employee worked)     

               ____ Uncheck Leave Eligibility Flags (sick, personal, vacation)

               ____ Enter a Separation Date, if employee is reported to EMIS

               ____ Enter a Separation Reason, if employee is reported to EMIS

  1. Compensation Record

____ Enter a Compensation Stop Date that is inclusive of the Final Pay Period the Employee will be paid.

____ Enter a Calendar Stop Date (Last day employee worked).  This will stop counting ODJFS weeks.  Make sure there is a Calendar Stop Date in all Compensations with active calendars, including archived compensations.

  1. Payroll Item Records

  ____ In the employee’s Dashboard you can enter stop dates for any voluntary deductions such as insurance and annuities.  This would prevent these from being active in the case the employee would return to the district to work again.  Upon rehire these should be reviewed.