USAS Month End Closing Checklist

This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to close USAS for the month in the Redesign.

If you have turned off your Monthly CD Report bundle, please enable it prior to closing the month. Go to the Report Bundle Manager to check the box. 
  • 1. Enter all transactions for the current month
  • 2. Attempt to reconcile USAS records with your bank(s)
    • Perform bank reconciliation procedure

    • Under the Periodic menu, select 'Cash Reconciliation'  to enter your cash reconciliation information for the month

  • 3. Generate  the 'SSDT Cash Summary' report and the 'SSDT Financial Detail Report'.
    • The Financial Detail Report can be run for the month only to compare MTD totals to the Cash Summary Report.
    • Compare the totals from reports... totals should match with the exception of encumbrances.

      Encumbrances on these two reports may not match.

      Cash Summary picks up total encumbrances (including carry-over encumbrances).

      Financial Detail Report picks up encumbrances for the current fiscal year. 

  • 4. If all above steps are performed and totals all agree, you are in balance and may proceed with the next step.
  • 5. Manually run and review desired reports (Monthly CD Reports will be generated when step 6 is completed)

Monthly CD Report Bundle

The SSDT Monthly CD Report Bundle will automatically run when the Posting Period is closed as long as it is enabled.  The bundle includes 24 SSDT Template reports.  A list of reports can be found here.  Reports can be found in File Archive under the Utilities menu. 

  • 6. To close the month, under the Core menu, click on Posting Periods.
    • Click on   to 'Close' the current period.
    • Go to the Utilities menu, and File Archive to see your monthly reports processing.  Do not make the next month "Current" (the next month can be "open" for continued processing) until your report bundles have finished running.
    •  Click on   to create the new posting period, if it hasn't already been created.  Select the month, enter the calendar year and checkmark the 'current' box to make the new posting period the current period.  

You are now closed for the month, proceed with your next month's financial transactions.

Post Closing Step: If you plan on re-opening/closing the month again and you will NOT want your SSDT Monthly Cd Bundle to run again please go to Report Bundle Manager and disable. If you want to keep it enabled you may do so.