Updating City Tax Rates

This document will walk you through how to update city tax rates on your Payroll Items.

  1. Go to Core/Payroll Item/Payroll Item
    1. Select 'City Tax Item' from the drop down on the top left of the grid

    2. Filter for the city code that needs changed

    3. Click on Report on the top right of the grid 

      Make sure your grid has the Employee Number, Code and Rate. If not use the More button to add those columns. 

      1. Select the format As Excel-FieldNames


        You may save the report using the Save As / Save Report at the bottom of the Generate Report pop up to create a report definition in your Report/Report Manager to run at any time. 

      2. Click on Generate Report
  2. Open the spreadsheet and make all necessary changes.
    1. Update the rate
    2. Verify all required columns headings are accurate
      1. employee.number

      2. configuration.code

      3. rate

    3. Remove ALL other NOT required columns 
    4. Save the updated spreadsheet in .CSV format

      If you reopen a CSV file leading zeros will be dropped and will need to be added back in before it will load properly.

  3. Go to Utilities/Mass Load
    1. Browse to choose the .CSV file
    2. Select Payroll Item as the Importable Entity
    3. Click Load 

  4. Review the error file for any errors that may have occurred