Un-Voiding a Payroll Payment


  1. Go to Payments/Payroll
    1. Checkmark to select the desired Payment Number(s) 

    2. Click on Un-Void

      If the employee has multiple Pay Distributions, a new screen will appear. Select the transactions to Un-void. Make sure the Payment total and selected Payment Transaction total equals. If not an error will occur.

      A message will appear confirming the Payment has been un-voided

  2. Go to USAS Integration/Payment Void/Unvoid Submission
    1. Click Post to USAS on the Unvoid Payment in the grid beside the desired transaction(s).

      The details of the payment and expenditure accounts that were charged will be displayed

    2. Click on Submit to USAS.

      A message will appear confirming the Unvoid payment was submitted to USAS as well as update the details to show the date/time it was sent and the latest status. 


  1. Go to Transaction/Pending Transaction
    1. Click on Edit beside the transaction you want to post 

      The details of the Pending Transaction will be displayed

    2. Click on Validate to validate the data for fatal error messages or warning messages. 
    3. Click on Post.

    4. Enter a Transaction date
    5. Click on Post 

      The transaction is no longer displayed in the Pending Transaction grid and can be found in Transaction/Disbursements