• Go to the employee’s Pay Distributions screen and edit to update the deposit information so the information is correct going forward.

  • Go to Payments/Payroll/the Direct Deposit tab.

  • Find the payment you need to reprocess.

  • Click the generate icon. 

  • Enter the correct routing number and correct account number.

  • Click Generate File.

Users have a few different options when refunding a payroll item. It can be done during a regular payroll, refund the payroll item without processing a payroll, or posting an adjustment to the employer paid amount. Click here for a step by step guide. 

  • Go to System/Configuration/STRS Advance Configuration after the last advance payment is made

    • If all advances have been paid correctly, the Advance Amount and Amount Pay Back field will zero out and the Advance Mode flag will be turned off as shown below.

    • If the Advance Amount and the Amount Paid Back do not match, this means what was sent to STRS over the summer pays and what was reported on the advance submission tape file were not the same.

      A report in the redesign, Reports/Check STRS Advance, can be ran to compare totals for each employee to those on the Advance Positions Report. 
      Any employee showing a differing amount should be researched.
      Any difference should be reported to STRS as a prior fiscal year correction if necessary.
      Once the discrepancy is determined and corrected with STRS, the amounts in the Amount Paid Back and Advance Amount fields will need to be removed the advanced mode cleared by NWOCA staff.  Please send an email to the Fiscal Team at, if you have any remaining STRS advance amounts that need to be cleared from STRS Advance Configuration.

The only way to change the description is to go the Payroll/Payroll Processing/Details and click Delete Payroll.

Make sure NOT to use Delete Payroll and Exceptions

Please keep in mind if you've made any changes in Payroll Current, they will be lost and will need to be reentered.  This will place everything back in Future and you can begin the payroll process from the beginning.