Frontline Data & Analytics Redesign Report Bundle SFTP Export Setup

This document provides step by step instructions to create a report bundle in USAS for Frontline Data & Analytics to automatically export reports and SFTP to their system.

  1. Download report definitions from your email & Import report definitions provided by Frontline
    1. Once you receive a report definition, save the file to your computer 
      1. Frontline Budget Expenditures by Month with FF Line Number.rpd-json
      2. Frontline Revenue Account Activity Report with FF Line.rpd-json

    2. Log into USAS
    3. Go to 'Report' and click on 'Report Manager'
    4. Click on Import Report on the top left of the Report Manager Grid

    5. Browse to your computer to locate the saved .rpd-json file
    6. After you browse and locate the saved report definition a pop up window will appear asking for the Report name, which defaults to the name it was saved as on your computer but may be changed if desired, description and tag is desired. 

    7. Click Save

  2. Create the Report Bundle
    1. Go to 'Report' and click on 'Report Bundles'
    2. Click on Create
    3. Specify the Report Bundle Name (i.e. Frontline Budget Analytics Export) and Description (i.e. Nightly Extract with SFTP)

      The report bundle name should be unique and once scheduled, cannot be changed.
    4. Add reports to bundle by clicking on the drop down under Select the Report to Add to the Bundle.
      1. Frontline Budget Expenditures by Month with FF Line Number - .json file provided by Frontline
      2. Frontline Revenue Account Activity Report with FF Line - .json file provided by Frontline
      3. SSDT Budget Summary
      4. SSDT Cash Summary
    5. Once selected, this report, and available versions based on query parameters, will show under the section Click + to Add this Report with the desired Report Options to the Bundle. Select to add the desired report version to the Bundle below.

      Query parameters will be reviewed and updated in the next step, so version here should not matter as much.

    6. Continue to Select and add Reports until all 4 necessary reports show in the list for the Reports currently in the Bundle section.

    7. Review and update report parameters by clicking on the edit icon to the left of each report. 

      All Reports should be in Comma Separated Values format.

      For Start and End dates for the Frontline Budget Account Activity and Frontline Revenue Account Activity reports use 'f' and 'l' for start and end dates. Click on continue to Save

      For SSDT Budget Summary & Cash Summary Report use 'l' (as in the last letter of fiscal) for Total As of Period query parameter. Click on continue to Save

    8. Click on Save icon in the upper left to save the Report Bundle

    9. To Exit out of the report bundle details after saving, click on the X in the right hand corner.
    10.  After the report bundle has been saved, it will show in the Report Bundle Manager grid
  3. Schedule the Report Bundle
    1. Go to Reports/Report Bundle grid (if not already there) and click on the clock icon for the bundle you wish to export to Frontline Budget Management

    2. Select Cron from the Job Type Options

    3. Job Name will default to the Report Bundle Name. You may change it if desired. 

    4. Cron Expression: 0 0 20 ? * * *

      1. Above expression states it will run everyday at 8:00pm
      2. Use to make your own expression
    5. Send out put to:  s

      Frontline will provide credentials

      where <username> is replaced with username provided by Frontline

      where <password> is replaced with username provided by Frontline

    6. Archive Type: Send a single notification with multiple attachments.

    7. Click Save
    8. Job is now visible in Utilities/Job Scheduler

If you want to send the reports immediately you will follow the 2. Schedule Report Bundle steps but select Job Type: Immediate, update the Job Name: Frontline Budget Analytics Export  Immediate save. This will run the report bundle and export it to Frontline Budget Analytics immediately.