STRS Advance Common Errors & Warnings

The following alphabetical list describes errors and warnings that may appear when the STRS Advance program is run.

Indicates either the first line of address, city, state, or zip code on the Core/Employee is blank. No part of the address can be reported to STRS as blank. View Core/Employee and verify the fields.

Indicates a possible error correction from a previous fiscal year. Check Compensation information and contact NWOCA if unable to resolve. It may also be necessary to contact STRS to resolve the problem.

Indicates that pays are remaining with no contract amount to pay. Verify Compensation information and run a SSDT Auditable Events to determine if manual changes were made.

This error indicates the district is running the advance reports very early.  This error is checking the pays left on a compensation that would advance.  If the pays left are greater than 14, the error is received. Since the district ran the reports in December or earlier, the pay left is greater than 14.  This error will clear up when the reports are ran closer to the fiscal year end.

Indicates the amount paid shown on Compensation exceeds the obligation. Verify Compensation information and run a Audit Report on the Compensation to determine if manual changes were made.