Financial (Period H) Submission Checklist

An authorized person in the district (EMIS Coordinator, Treasurer, etc.) will need to upload the flat files before running the data collection process and submitting the data to Ohio Department of Education & Workforce.

May 21, 2020 EMIS Release, the removal of capital asset reporting.  Capital assets are no longer needed and will no longer be collected during Period H reporting.

January 19, 2024 EMIS Release, the removal of Federal Assistance Detail and Summary reporting. The EMIS Extract no longer contains federal assistance summary and detail data and therefore it will no longer be collected during Period H reporting.

Data Source: Some of the data for financial reporting will be pulled directly from your live USAS data, while other portions will be pulled from what EMIS-R calls flat files. The financial flat file extracted from USAS, USAEMS_YYYY.SEQ , contains the data in a predefined format. The following lists the data types reported for financial reporting, and where the data will come from for EMIS-R:

USAS - account and OPU data being pulled directly from the USAS files will be pulled based on the year defined in System/Configuration/EMIS Soap Service Configuration.

  • Cash, Expenditure, Revenue Accounts (Core/Accounts)

  • Operational Units (Core/OPUs)

Flat File (USAS/Extracts/EMIS)

  • Cash Reconciliation (Periodic/Cash Reconciliation)

  • Civil Proceedings (Periodic/Civil Proceedings)

  • District/Building Profile (Periodic/Building Profiles and Core/Organization)

Uploading a Flat File in EMIS-R Data Collector:

The USAS FYE closing checklist has you extract the EMIS information (USAEMS_FYYY.SEQ) from USAS. You can forward that file in an email to the district person responsible for uploading the file into EMIS-R.

Access and log into the EMIS-R data collector website.  If you are unsure or do not have an account, please contact our Student Services/EMIS department,, for further information. 
Once you are logged in, click on the Data Sources Tab at the top right-hand side of the screen.
Click on "Other Data Sources"
Locate the Data Source for the Financial period (may be named "Financial") and click on "Manage"  



The flat file from last year may be retained in the financial data source record.  Please delete them before uploading your flat files for FY24.

Check mark the file to delete and then click on ‘Delete Selected’.
Click "Upload File(s)" to select the financial flat file currently stored on your computer (i.e. USAEMS_EMISR.SEQ)
Choose File or Browse to the file on your computer you want to upload into EMIS-R and click Open. Then click on "Upload". You can only upload one file at a time.  



This completes the uploading of a file into EMIS-R.

Collecting Financial Data in the EMIS-R Data Collector:

Click on the "Collection Requests" tab in the data collector and locate the Financial (period H) manifest. Use the 'Collection Request' drop down to filter on just Period H. Click on "Start Collection".


Submitting the Financial Data to Ohio Department of Education & Workforce

  • A 'Preparing Submission' status indicates the data collector is preparing to submit the data to Ohio Department of Education & Workforce.

  • A 'Transmission Completed' status indicates the submission has been received but has not yet been processed by Ohio Department of Education & Workforce.

Post Submission Status