NWOCA File Transfer

What is NWOCA File Transfer

NWOCA File Transfer is a tool which allows users to securely send very large file attachments. Email systems typically limit the size of attachments to somewhere between 10MB - 25MB.  The File Transfer website allows you to send files up to 50,000MB (50GB) in size.  This is done by uploading your attachment to a secure website and then send a link to that attachment to the recipients.  The File Transfer system is hosted in NWOCA's Data Center and powered by a software call Liquid Files.

Who can use NWOCA File Transfer

The website is already setup for all districts that use NWOCA's AnyConnect VPN system.  Users can login with their "@districtland.nwoca.org" account (see below for more information) and password.  If you are a member district, but do not use the AnyConnect VPN system, create a ticket for the Hardware Services Team or email mail_staff_hw@nwoca.org and they will create you an account.

Other Features

  • Outlook Plugin - You can install an Outlook plugin on your local computer that will allow you send large attachments directly in your Outlook application.

  • Personal Filedrop - The first time you login to File Transfer, you are assigned a Filedrop URL.  The Filedrop allows users outside of the NWOCA system to send you a large attachment.  Once you login, click on the gear icon in the upper right, click Account Settings, then Personal Filedrop.  Send this URL to the person that you would like to received the file from.

  • Security - Even if you do not need to send an attachment, the File Transfer will allow you to send a secure message to another user.  The message is hosted on a secure website and the recipient is sent a password (in a separate email) that will only allow that user to access the message.

How to access and send an email

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to: https://www.nwoca.org

  2. Click on Support and choose IT Services Support; the 'NWOCA File Transfer' link is under the Email Services section. You can also directly access the File Transfer tool at https://filetransfer.nwoca.org/

  3. Enter your NWOCA username address and password. Your NWOCA username address is going to be the username that you use to connect to the VPN plus "@districtland.nwoca.org" added at the end as shown in the below figure, unless otherwise instructed. The password field will be the same password that you use to connect to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

  4. For details on how to send and receive messages, please view the Liquid Files user guide at: https://man.liquidfiles.com/userguide.html