Duo Mobile Enrollment Guide

This guide documents the enrollment process for Duo Security after receiving a Duo Security Enrollment email. If an enrollment email has not yet been received please contact your Tech Department.

Duo Enrollment Email

  1. To begin, click the first link in the enrollment email to start the enrollment process.

  2. You will be taken to a welcome page followed by two informational messages. Click next until you are asked to "Select an option"



  3. Once you are at the "Select an option" window please select "Duo Mobile"

    1. Note: Do not use the "Phone number" option as this setup method is only meant to be a backup to Duo Mobile. This option should not be used as a primary MFA method.


Duo Mobile Setup:

If you prefer to watch a quick video guide to set up Duo Mobile you can use this link: Duo Mobile Enrollment Video

Detailed instructions are below:

  1. Select "Duo Mobile" on the "Select an option" window.

  2. Enter your phone number.

  3. Confirm your ownership by receiving a text message with a passcode or a phone call.

  4. After you receive a text message or call with the passcode enter it and click "Verify".

  5. Next, install the Duo Mobile app for your smartphone if you have not already done so. Click next to continue.

  6. After Duo Moblie is installed select "Set up account" followed by "Use a QR code"

  7. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code. Once scanned the setup process has been completed.

  8. To start using Duo Security MFA sign into an account linked to your Duo licenses. VPN and Fiscal accounts are common applications tied to a Duo license.

    1. Instructions for using the VPN with Duo can be found here: Signing Into A VPN Account With Duo MFA