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  •  Go to Transaction/Pending Transactions
    • Click on the edit beside the transaction you want to post
    • Review the details
    • Click on Validate 


      Any errors or warnings will appear on the screen in the grid. Scroll through to see them all. 

    • Click on Post
      • Enter the Transaction Date
      • Select your Payee Vendor
      • Enter a Purchase Order Number or leave it blank to let it Auto Assign. 
      • Post

        This creates the Purchase Order. 

  •  Repeat the process for any other Pending Transaction file you want to post. 
  •  Go to Transaction/Purchase Order
    • Filter the grid to find the POs that were posted
    • Click on the invoice icon beside that PO
    • Enter in the invoice information and post
    • Invoice any other POs as needed
  •  Go to Transaction/Payables
    • On the Vendor Tab check mark the Vendors you want to create disbursements for
    • Click Post Selected
      • Enter Disbursement Date
      • Grouping Options - Vendor

        This creates 1 check per vendor

      • Sorting Options 
      • Bank Account
      • Click Post
  •  If you do not want to assign physical check numbers to electronic checks then close the confirmation box and the process is finished.

    If you want to assign physical check numbers to electronic checks or need to print a physical check then Continue to Print.

    This takes you to Transaction/Disbursements

    • Find the disbursements you want to assign a check number to and check mark them
    • Click Generate Print file
      • Enter starting check number
      • Sorting options
      • Print Electronic Checks - This should be checked if want to assign a physical check number to an electronic check otherwise it can be left unchecked. 
      • Output Type
      • Generate