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    • The count of weeks looks at all of these for each employee to count weeks.

      • Calendars - Work days, Holidays, Calamity Days, Make-Up Days.

      • Attendance/Substituting Days with in the current quarter

      • Core/Adjustments to ODJFS DaysWeeks.

    • Warning
      • ODJFS Report does NOT look at the Archive Status of an employee.  This means employees that are archived could still show up on your report.
      • Calendar Start Dates and Calendar Stop Dates in the Compensations tell the software when to start and stop ODJFS weeks count. 
        • If you don't have a Start Date to start the count you will have zero weeks!
        • If you don't have a Stop Date to stop the count you will have too many weeks!
      • Weeks are only counted once even with a combination of Calendar Work Days and Attendance Days.

    •  If weeks need adjusted you can use Core/Adjustments to add or subtract weeks.
      • To make an adjustment to Wages go to Core/Adjustments.  

      • The Type of adjustment is ODJFS Weeks.
      • The amount is the number of weeks you want to add on or subtract (use negative) off the report.  
      • The Date needs to be a date within the quarter.