Creating a 1099 (MISC & NEC) Submission Test File

This document will walk you through how to create a 1099 submission test file to submit to the IRS. 

  1. Go to System/Configuration and Verify/Update the IRS 1099 Form Submission Configuration for your district.

  2. Go to Core/Posting Periods and create December of the calendar year you wish to test if it does not exist. 
  3. Go to Periodic/1099 Extracts
    • Create the TAP (IRS Format file used for IRS submission)
      • Select CYYYY as the Payment Year
      • Type of Return - checkmark BOTH 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC
      • Select Output File Type IRS Format
      • Review the File Name, TIN, Address and enter contact information

        District contact information

      • Submission Type: Test
      • Prior Year Submission - should be UNchecked
      • Approved for the Combined Federal/State Filing Program - should be checked
      • Verify Amount and Royalty Type Limit
      • Click on 'Generate' to generate the IRS Format output file 

        You will receive 2 output files. 1 is the .TAP file which is used to submit a test file to the IRS and the other is 1099.TXT file. Print and keep that for your records.

  4. Upload the .TAP file to the Test Fire System. 

    See IRS Publication 1220 for detailed instructions on the Test Fire System.