Employer Retirement Share (BRDRET) Checklist

This document will walk you through creating the Employer Retirement Share Report, submitting it to USAS and completing the process in USAS with a purchase order and disbursement. 

Some districts have the STRS and SERS payments withheld from their foundation two times a month. The district still needs to account for this expenditure in USAS and may use the Employer Retirement Share Report/Submission to prorate the amounts charged during payroll to the corresponding benefit accounts. 
  • Verify the amounts that were withheld from the foundation payment.


  • Go to Reports/Employer Retirement Share
    • Enter the Begin Date: First of the month
    • Enter the End Date: Last day of the month
    • STRS Amount to Distribute: monthly amount from foundation payment
    • SERS Amount to Distribute: monthly amount from foundation payment
    • Generate the Report
  • Check for errors 

    • If needed create accounts in USAS (Note: If new accounts are created or marked active in USAS, you will need to go into USPS under USAS Integration and run the Account Synchronization to link USAS and USPS)
    • If needed create/adjust mapping entries in USPSR/Utilities/Account Mapping

    You may run the report as many times as needed until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

  • Go to USAS Integration/Employer Retirement Share Submission
    • Enter the begin date: same as used for the report
    • Enter the end date: same as used for the report
    • STRS amount to distribute: same as used in the report
    • SERS amount to distribute: same as used in the report
    • Click on 'Show Submission preview'
      • Information will display in the box below it
    • Click on Submit Employer Share of Retirement to USAS

      This creates a file that will go to USAS/Transaction/Pending Transactions


  • Go to Transaction/Pending Transactions
    • Click on the edit beside the transaction you want to post
    • Review the details
    • Click on Validate 

      Any errors or warnings will appear on the screen in the grid. Scroll through to see them all. 

    • Click on Post
      • Enter the Transaction Date
      • Select your Payee Vendor
      • Enter a Purchase Order Number or leave it blank to let it Auto Assign. 
      • Post

        This creates the Purchase Order. 
  • Repeat the process for any other Pending Transaction file you want to post. 
  • Go to Transaction/Purchase Order
    • Filter the grid to find the POs that were posted
    • Click on the invoice icon beside that PO
    • Enter in the invoice information and post
    • Invoice any other POs as needed
  • Go to Transaction/Payables
    • On the Vendor Tab check mark the Vendors you want to create disbursements for
    • Click Post Selected
      • Enter Disbursement Date
      • Grouping Options - Vendor

        This creates 1 check per vendor
      • Sorting Options 
      • Bank Account
      • Click Post
  • If you do not want to assign physical check numbers to electronic checks then close the confirmation box and the process is finished.
  • If you want to assign physical check numbers to electronic checks or need to print a physical check then Continue to Print.

    This takes you to Transaction/Disbursements
    • Find the disbursements you want to assign a check number to and check mark them
    • Click Generate Print file
      • Enter starting check number
      • Sorting options
      • Print Electronic Checks - This should be checked if want to assign a physical check number to an electronic check otherwise it can be left unchecked. 
      • Output Type
      • Generate