Void & Reissue Employee Payroll Check

  1. Go to Payments/Payroll, then to the Payroll Payment Checks tab.

  2. Locate the check you would like to void/reissue and select by checking the box to the far left.

  3. Once selected, the Re-issue button will be available at the top of the grid.

  1. Click on Re-issue and a box will pop up for you to select your bank, enter new check number, or leave blank to use the next number on file, and the Reissue Date.



  1. Once processed you will see a message that the check has been reissued.

  2. To Print the new check, locate the new check on the grid and select the new check with the box at the very left.

  3. Click on Print Checks to create the .xml print file.

  4. Print check.