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Payrolls with July or later pay dates that are in the new fiscal year cannot be processed unless the STRS Advance has been completed. The following error will be produced if trying to initialize the first pay in July before creating the STRS Advance Submission File.
***Error - STRS Advance must be processed before running a payroll with pay date in July***


  •  1. Cost of Life Insurance Over $50,000.  For any employee that will be retiring at the end of the fiscal year, calculate the cost of life insurance over $50,000. Using the Payroll>Payroll Payments - Future or Payroll Payments - Current, enter the calculated life insurance cost as part of their final pay using a Pay Type of Life Insurance Premium. Click here for more information from the IRS regarding Group-Term Life Insurance and related costs.  Click here for the SSDT Redesign checklist regarding reporting taxable amounts of life insurance premiums. 
  •  2.  Run the STRS Advance Reports to begin checking and balancing the reports. 
    • Go to Reports>STRS Reporting>STRS Advance.
      • Sort By - Employee Name.  Can be changed from drop down if desired. 
      • Report Format - PDF.  Can be changed from drop down if desired. 
      • Starting Date for the Academic Year - Enter starting date for the academic year or choose the starting date of the academic year from the calendar.
      • Ending Date for the Academic Year - Enter ending date for the academic year or choose the ending date of the academic year from the calendar.
      • Click Generate Advance Fiscal Year to Date Report.
      • Click Generate Advanced Positions Report.
      • Click Non-Advance Positions Report.
    • Link to STRS Advance Common Errors & Warnings
    • Link to STRS Advance Balancing Slides


In order to upload the file you must have an account.  To register for an account if you do not already have one, click here.

  •  12.  Balance the Quarter Report.
    • Go to Reports/Quarter Report.
      • Year - Choose year from drop down. Default should be current year.
      • Quarter - Choose from drop down. Default should be current quarter.
      • Sort By - Choose sorting option.
      • Click Generate Report.
    • Assure Total Adjusted Gross and Calculated Adjusted Gross on Quarter Report balance.


      In the 'Totals Summary' section of the Quarter Report, the Calculated Adjusted Gross is calculated by the following:

        Total Gross (Total gross paid on all Position records.)

      - Total Annuities (Total of Payroll Items with the Type equaling Annuity and all Adjustments.)

      +Non-Cash Earnings (Total of all Life Insurance paid using Payroll Payments - Future or Payroll Payments - Current)


      Calculated Adjusted Gross

      • If in balance, the Total Gross paid on all Compensations minus the Total Annuities plus the Non-Cash Earnings should equal the Applicable Gross from the Core>Payroll Item>Federal records. This would be the case since the total gross from the jobs should equal the total gross from the Federal tax records. In other words, the gross paid on all jobs is potentially subject to federal taxation.
      • If the 'Calculated Adjusted Gross' figure differs from the adjusted gross on the Federal tax records, an additional amount prints on the Quarter Report. This difference could represent manual adjustments or problems with annuity error adjustments and should be researched. For more information and specifics, please refer to the User Guide Chapter titled, "Quarter and Year-end Balancing."

    • Verify all Payee checks for the quarter equals the Payroll Items total listed on Quarter Report. (Including Electronic Transfer payments such as Federal and Medicare).
    • Verify the Total Gross on Quarter Report equals the total of all USAS payroll disbursement checks (on the USAS side>Transaction>Disbursements>Type=Payroll) processed for the quarter. (These are created from the USAS Integration>USAS Payroll Submission>Post to USAS process on the USPS side).
    • The total of all Employer Distribution amounts (if tracked on the system) should equal the total of all USAS disbursements.
    • For city withholdings, verify the Applicable Gross times the city tax percentage should equal the tax withheld.  Mobile employees can cause discrepancies.


Employees flagged as full-time must have at least 120 service days to be granted a full year of service credit toward retirement. Employees flagged as part-time will be given credit according to STRS rules outlined in the STRS Employer's Website. If you are in doubt about an employee's part-time or full-time status, please contact STRS and obtain a ruling.  The part-time or full-time status is located in the employee's 450 payroll item.


  •  22.  
    titleIf applicable
    Merge your STRSADXX06.TXT with your third party file.  The third party file will need to be in the proper STRS Annual Record Layout.  
    • Go to Reports>STRS Reporting>STRS Advance.
    • Upload Advance Submission File For Merge, click Choose File.  This is the Redesign STRSADXX06.TXT file. 
    • Uploaded File to Merge, click Choose File.  This is the third party file.  
    • Click Generate STRS Merge Report.  Verify the information in the report.
    • Click Merge Files.
  •  23.  Upload the file to STRS.
    • Reports>STRS Reporting>STRS Advance.
    • Upload Submission File.  Click Choose File.  Browse to locate the STRSADXXXX.TXT file.
    • Click Submit Uploaded File to STRS.


    • Go to System>Configuration>STRS Advance Configuration.  
    • If the STRS Advance balanced, the Advance Amount should be 0.00, the Advance Mode checkbox should not be checked, the Amount Paid Back should be 0.00.  Nothing further is required.
    • If the STRS Advance did not balance, there will be values remaining.   These will need to be researched.
      • Run the Reports>STRS Reporting>Check STRS Advance report.   
        • Start Date - Enter the pay period start date of your first STRS advance pay in July.
        • End Date -  Enter the pay period end date of your last  STRS advance pay date.
        • Sort By - Select the same sort option that was selected when the STRS Advance Positions Report was run.
        • Report Format - PDF.  Can be changed using the drop down.
        • Generate.
      • Compare the amounts for each employee on the STRS Advance Positions Report and the Check STRS Advance Report. 
      • Report any discrepancies to STRS as prior fiscal year corrections.
      • Post Core>Adjustments for the 450 and/or 591/691 using the Total Gross (450) and Amount Withheld (591/691) and the Fiscal Year To Date date option.


        Contact The Fiscal Team, or 419-267-2808, if you have any remaining STRS advance amounts removed from STRS Advance Configuration


SSDT District Audit Job is scheduled to run on the evening of August 1st. When the Audit Job runs, it will generate preconfigured reports for the prior fiscal year, which is determined by the current period, and send them to the File Archive under the Audit Files tab. The reports are also zipped and securely sent to the Auditor of State via SFTP.

The District Audit Job runs the following reports:

  • AoS Employee Report 
  • AoS Payment History Report 
  • AoS Payment Distribution Report