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This document lists out the issues to consider when going from 24 to 26 pays



From 24 to 26 pays

  • The pay per period on stretch pay jobs will be decreased. Employees may need to file new W-4 forms for taxation purposes at the Federal and Ohio levels.

  • Taxes withheld on a percentage basis will decrease with the decreased pay per period.

  • Voluntary deductions withheld every payroll will have to be reviewed to insure the withholding amount is correct due to 2 more pays.

  • Annuity type deductions that are a percentage withholding may have to be reconsidered by the employee or annuity company so the maximum to contribute as defined by the IRS is not exceeded.

  • Retirement buy-back calculations may have to be resubmitted to the retirement systems.

  • New payroll schedule will have to be filed with STRS.

  • Deductions with maximums to withhold may need adjustments.

  • Pay account with maximums to charge may need adjustments.

  • A 26 pay cycle will make direct deposit transfers more regular.

  • If all jobs are not changed at the same time, the district will have to run multiple pays until all jobs are on the same 26 pay cycle. This will likely occur after all new contracts have been purged.