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  • Select Type (Budget or Revenue)
  • On the 'Properties' tab, add or remove properties you would like on your spreadsheet.
  • Click on 'Configure Filters' to filter accounts you want included on the spreadsheet (i.e only want accounts with OPU = 200)
    • You can save a query to be able to pull it up at a later date by giving it a name and clicking on 'save query'
  • Enter a 'Sheet Name' 
  • Click on 'Save Sheet' to save your spreadsheet.  A 'Confirmation Sheet Creation' box appears.  Click on 'Create' to continue creating the spreadsheet.  Once complete, an informational box appears stating the budgeting sheet created successfully.

When creating multiple budget spreadsheets, you need to be sure you are not duplicating any accounts across spreadsheets. For example, you cannot have an overall general fund budget spreadsheet that includes all active general fund accounts AND a general fund spreadsheet for the High School budgets specifically. The system will not be able to process the accounts that are duplicate within the spreadsheets.

Budgeting Sheets Grid

Once a spreadsheet is created in the scenario, it is displayed on the Budgeting Sheets grid.  You can then access the spreadsheet using one or more of the following options in order to add proposed amounts: