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This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to close USPS for the quarter in the Redesign.

Table of Contents

ODJFS Report

  •   1. Processing ODJFS-Go to Reports/ODJFS Report choose the Generate Report option.

      Check all totals carefully for accuracy. 

      If necessary, adjustments can be made using the Core/Adjustments screen.

  •  2. When all data is correct, in Reports/ODJFS Report, click on the Generate Submission File option.
  •  3. Upload the ODJFS_YY_QQ.TXT file to The Source (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services) 
  •  4. Select ICESA for your file type.



If errors are discovered, check employees that had exception processing during the quarter such as voided checks, error adjustments, or manual changes made through Core/Adjustments. The Audit Report (Reports/Audit Report) can be useful in identifying these problems.

  • Start Date- Enter a start date you wish to begin your audit from.        
  • End Date- Enter an end date you wish to process the report through.
  • Select Specific Objects, or leave all in Available box to run for all Objects
  • Select Specific Users, or leave all in Available box to run for all Users.
  • Select Operation
    • Added
    • Modified
    • Deleted
    • All
  • Select Sort Option
    • Date
    • Username
  • Click Generate Report